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My new address part 2

Charlotte Moving Company-Moving Simplified-#1 ...

So here I am.  This was easier than I thought.  The rest of my day is balancing that out, though. :), which is why I don’t have anything much to say just yet.

I wanted an address change to remedy having a public username that I hadn’t realized would be public.  I’ve met some very nice folks here and have no problem with them knowing my full name, but I’m not sure I want people I know in my life outside this community – other than the few I’ve invited – to just happen across my blog and connect it with me.  At least not for now.

Please let me know if you notice anything that’s a problem here.


Comments on: "My new address part 2" (10)

  1. I’ve removed you (temporarily, I hasten to add!) from my blogroll because Blogger is playing sillybillys with the new address. Don’t worry, I had this problem before with changing a blogroll address and all I had to do was leave it a couple of days and then put in the new version, and then blogger linked without any problem.

  2. Mary Mary said:

    *waves* I’m still here and still reading!

  3. Aspergirl Maybe said:

    I made it, and blogroll is updated! Love the 2.0 part – very hip. 🙂

    • *giggles*

      That is definitely the first time anyone has ever used the word “hip” with reference to something coming from me. 🙂

  4. Thanks for pioneering this move. I may do the same at some point.
    I’ll change my blogroll, but I may wait until tomorrow because I’ll have to figure out how – or more accurately, remember how.
    I like the 2.0!

    • Thanks, Bruce.

      I did the 2.0 thing on a whim just so I could tell the difference when looking at the two blogs during the transition, but now I’m starting to I think I may keep it. 🙂

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