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Eye exam anxiety

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Hi, Blog Friends.
Simon is going to his first eye appointment today to see about a problem he’s having in one of his eyes.  He’s having blurry vision in one eye, which may relate to an injury last year that we thought was no big deal, because he said he was fine. He’s nervous about the exam, and he’s worried about the possibility of having to get some type of corrective lenses.   He got upset enough about failing a routine school vision screening that he needed to come home.  Going to drag my 6-foot-tall autistic/ anxiety-disordered son there anyway, so any prayers or positive thoughts you’d like to send our way for a peaceful experience and a positive outcome would be appreciated. 
Thank you.

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  1. The eye exam went very well. He has very healthy eyes, and is a bit near-sighted in one, but not requiring glasses at this point. My guy handled the appointment very well, too. 🙂

  2. Aspergirl Maybe said:

    So glad to hear that it was a successful visit. Do they have any suggestions about why he was experiencing the blurry vision?

    • The doctor mentioned something about his eyes having a tendency to lengthen (he actually used a gesture, rather than a word), but that they snap right back as soon as he starts to concentrate on something, so it’s not a problem with the eyes themselves. Simon was also starting to wonder if maybe he was imagining some problems because he was worrying or even causing some by rubbing at his eye when worrying, which I can believe.

      Thanks for your interest.

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